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Kief refers to the micro-sized, sticky crystals that mask the outer layer of cannabis flowers – the trichomes. If you had smoked cannabis flowers in your life, chances are that you already came across kief, also commonly referred to as dry sift or pollen. These trichomes account for 50-70% of the total THC content of the flower!

Our kief in particular is collected using a gentle tumbler we built using surgical grade stainless steel that filters out only the fine pollen particles at the micron level.

Smoking the kief saves you from burning all the unnecessary plant material producing bad smoke for your throat and lungs.

Product information:

+ Each jar contains 1 gram of natural un-refined kief and pistils

+ Sifted through  36 micron surgical grade stainless steel to ensure no impurities make it through

Directions: Use this kief in the same way you use any cannabis flower: smoke, vaporize, cook, or knead/press it into hash.

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