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Marijuana wax refers to a potent cannabis concentrate that has been agitated during the extraction process, causing the oil to crystallize and solidify. The consistency and texture of wax can range from gooey or creamy, referred to as budder, to something harder and flaky, known as crumble or honeycomb. Higher-quality waxes tend to be softer and amber-toned.  Some users also refer to weed crumble as crumble wax or honeycomb wax as its appearance and texture share a lot in common with honeycomb.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

El Chapo OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of the heavy-hitting Face Off OG X SFV OG X OG Kush.  This bud has hashy gassy sweet lemony flavor accented by kush. The aroma is pungent, sweet with a lemon and pine undertones.

With a powerful THC level that falls in the 20-26% range on average and fast-acting sedative effects, you’re in for one potent high that will leave you begging for more. The high hits you first with a cerebral lift that boosts your mood before dropping you into complete sedation. As your mind falls victim to heavy stone, this feeling will spread throughout your limbs and slowly draw your body down into sleepy relaxation. Perfect for nighttime use, these effects also give El Chapo OG an edge in killing the effects of chronic stress, inflammation, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Flavour/Aroma: Diesel, Gas, Citrus, Earthy, Floral, Sweet and Woody

Effects: Cerebral, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting and Hungry

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